Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whatcha Doin'?

So I decided that I needed to put some effort into finishing up the approximately 4700 WIPs I have lying around, because it is just ridiculous at this point...I have a box FULL of scarves in the art room that just need the ends woven in, and afghans that are done but for a couple rows of edging, and three quarters completed shawls, and who knows what!

This scarf is so old that I can't even remember the pattern or the yarn (unfortunately), and all it needed was blocking and a couple of ends woven in, so I did it.  I wish I could remember which yarn I used, because it is so very soft and smooth that it's gotta have some silk in it...At a guess, some flavor of silk/merino blend?  And I love the colorway...

I have actually been wearing this scarf since last year, but it really needed blocking, so I figured since I had everything laid out from blocking the Mystery Green Scarf, it was high time it got done:

The pattern is one of my favorites, from this book...And some discontinued Knit Picks yarn, the name of which escapes me...Whichever yarn made way for the Stroll Tonal Sock a couple of years back?

I've made this pattern at least three times...The first was a scarf out of Caron Simply Soft, funnily enough, that garnered loads of compliments despite its humble acrylic beginnings.  Then I made it in a much larger gauge, again in acrylic, but in a shawl size that is still so cozy to wrap up in when I'm watching the teevee.

But I tend to like my scarves long, and I have been pinning and pinning and pinning while blocking just these two scarves until I am quite sick of it...The next couple of WIPs I pull out of that box better not need blocking or all my good intentions may end up going out the window.  ;)

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