Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roving Pr0n

OK, so I was all ready to start gushing over this bit of BFL, since it's my favorite fiber, and it's all green and teal and mint and evergreen and YUMMY...

But then I clicked on the main part of Edgewood Garden Studio's Etsy shop, and Oh Em Eff Gee.  Go look at her huge selection of handspun.  Exquisite handspun.  Glorious handspun.  Incredible handspun!  If I could spin like this lady, I would die a happy woman!  OK, go look at it, I will wait here.


I also love the very complete descriptions for each of her items, with extra info about the fiber animal, as well as specific information about the handspun itself.  Impressive!  This shop is definitely going to become one of my Etsy favorites.  :D

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