Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Washi Tape Noob

So I'm always looking for little things I can do to decorate my place...Unfortunately, in an apartment, there's a limited amount of stuff you can do while still remaining on good terms with your landlord.  I have seen a whole bunch of fun ideas to add a little color using washi tape, so I decided to experiment a little bit.

This?  THIS IS FREAKIN' CUTE!  And so easy to do!  Basically line up your washi tape all nice and straight over the switchplate, poke a couple of holes for the screws and cut out the bit the switch goes through, and you're done!  

These are all ready to go in the hallway.

The black and white brocade one was basically an experiment, so the corners could have been a little neater, but if you come into my home and start staring at the corners of the light switches, I'm going to ask you to leave anyway no matter what your opinion on my switchplate decorating abilities, you big weirdo.  ;)

I think the only thing I would suggest is to make sure you leave a little bit of tape around the edges in the center when you cut it out.  Then you can fold that tiny bit over to ensure complete coverage and not have any of the plastic showing around the light switch.

Now I just have to restrain myself from buying washi tape in ALL THE COLORS and covering my entire place in stripes and dots and little dancing cupcakes and ZOMGS ASTRONAUT WASHI TAPE!!!

Resistance is futile.  Obviously.  :D

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